We have 5 large undercover fitting bays at our spacious premises at 178 Beatty Road, Archerfield. We also have easy access for B Doubles, with our large parcel of concreted land for turnaround space.

We are committed to providing an efficient, reliable and quality tyre service.

Fittings & Rotations:

The correct fitting of tyres is more important than many people realize. Without correct fitting, the tread shape or footprint of the tyre on the road could be deformed, and not run as it is supposed to. This could lead to rapid, uneven and irregular tyre wear and could cause vibrations and noise.

Just as importantly, rotating of tyres helps to maximize tread life. Tyres can be rotated up to 3 or 4 times during the life of the tyre to achieve increases in tread life which could be up to 50% extra compared to a tyre left in its original position on the truck or trailer.

We also use tyre changing machines as not to scratch our client’s rims. We pride ourselves on looking after our clients investments.

Electronic Balancing: Car, 4WD, Light truck

Correct balancing of steer tyres for smooth running helps with increased comfort and smoothness for the driver and better, safer steering performance from the tyres – a vital factor. Just as importantly, a smoother running steer tyre which has been balanced can help prolong the life of the tyre by avoiding vibrations that may contribute to irregular and rapid tyre wear.

Car, 4WD, Light truck

It is an unfortunate reality that truck tyres are subjected to damage from external factors (eg. bolts, screws etc.) and that a puncture repair may be required. Our fitting department and service trucks are equipped to carry out most puncture repairs to get you back on the road again. (Puncture repair is dependent upon the size and location of the damage on the casing.)

Wheel Alignment: Car, 4WD, Light truck

A wheel alignment ensures your wheels are correctly aligned, and is one of the most important ways to maintain your vehicle. Prolong the life of your tyre investment with our wheel alignment service.

Pressure Checks:

Pressure checks and maintaining correct pressure are the simplest and most important factor in helping tyres to run well and last longer. The correct pressure in tyres is vital to allow the tyre to carry the heavy weights expected of it in the transport applications and to perform the function for which it was designed (eg. truck steer tyres require more pressure than drive or trailer tyres in order to brake/steer/turn correctly). Every truck should be subject to regular, scheduled tyre pressure checks and Samios Tyres can help with this simple, but important procedure.

Regooving of Tyres:

Many modern truck tyres are stamped “Regrooveable” on the sidewall. Therefore, the opportunity exists to gain even more mileage from your current tyres. Subject to inspection of the case and remaining tread depth, your old tyres may be able to be regrooved by cutting a tread pattern into the remaining base rubber. These regrooved tyres can then be “run out” as trailer or drive tyres.

To see if you can extend the life of your current truck tyres by having them regrooved, just drop in to see us.

Disposal of Tyres:

We dispose of all tyres responsibly through registered and EHP accredited tyre recyclers.

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